Farm Policies & FAQs2024-06-07T14:46:09-05:00

Farm Policies & FAQs

Farm Policies

Frquently Asked Questions

Can we arrive before or stay after our scheduled party?2023-08-23T14:55:03-05:00

Absolutely! You may enjoy the farm during our business hours regardless of your party time. You’ve paid admission, spend some time with us! You’re only limited on your time in the party table area.

Are adults counted toward the number of guests?2023-08-23T14:55:20-05:00

Yes, we do charge admission for all visitors to the farm 2 and up.

Can we decorate the party area?2023-08-23T14:55:37-05:00

Yes, you may decorate for your party. By scheduling 1 hour apart, you have time to setup and take down your decorations.

Can we bring a grill?2023-08-23T14:56:00-05:00

Sorry, we do not allow grilling on the farm.

Can we bring a cake or cupcakes?2023-08-23T15:11:51-05:00


Can chafing dishes/crockpots be used?2023-08-25T12:16:10-05:00

No, we ask that chafing dishes not be used due to the hazard of fires. Electrical outlets are not available for crockpots.

Will weather conditions determine whether farm is open or not?2023-09-25T15:13:09-05:00
  • As the weather changes, so can we for safety of everyone.  See FB for most current decisions. 
Do you accept all forms of payment?2023-09-21T16:22:26-05:00
  • We only accept cash, credit card, or debit card.  Large groups may pay with a check. 
Do you have restrooms?2023-09-21T16:22:05-05:00
  • Yes. Our clean restrooms are located in the back of the Sweet Shop/CalfA building. 
What ages will enjoy Donnell Century Farm?2023-09-21T16:21:44-05:00
  • There is something for everyone and we will always see to that. Great memories for each person.  
Do adults have to pay to come in?2023-09-21T16:21:22-05:00
  • Yes, ages 2 and older pay admission fees. 
Is Donnell Century Farm handicapped accessible?2023-09-21T16:21:01-05:00
  • Yes. Our facilities meet the regulations for ADA and we will make every effort to assist as needed.  
Is food available during school field trips?2023-09-21T16:20:40-05:00
  • Yes. Adults may choose from limited menu at the CalfA.  If schools do not provide food for the students, prior arrangement must be made for their food.  
Do you allow walk-ins during school field trips?2023-09-21T16:20:18-05:00
  • Yes. Check FB to see for sure we are open. 
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